Special Topics in Sociolinguistics

[INGL 6016]

Hello everyone! Welcome to our Topics in Sociolinguistics webpage.

Our WordPress site is just one of the many tools we’ll be using to get acquainted with class materials. Here you will find links to useful/interesting articles, class news, instructions on assignments, updates on deadlines, and – finally – course material (slides, articles, photocopies of select chapters). On the menu above you will find a link to our course syllabus. It is your responsibility to keep updated and complete the weekly readings. You are expected to take an active role in class, particularly in group discussions.

Weekly Reflections

Each week I will upload a discussion topic here, where you will be expected to contribute your opinion and additional findings (or interesting information) related to that topic (300 – 500 words long). You may talk about: (1) what you found interesting in the material covered that week and why, (2) what you found challenging, (3) how it ties to your research interests, (4) whether you’ve read related material, (5) whether it reminds you of real life situations and which, (6) whether you can think of quantitative or anecdotal data relevant to class material, etc. Your blog contributions are to be uploaded to the ‘Weekly Reflections‘ section of our site.

Happy blogging!

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